I was born a Bostonian in 1951, grew up in Medford, Mass. My first real photographic encounter with a camera was in 1968. I began photographing people with great excitement. I was shooting street photography of kids, barbershops, and every thing that came into focus in my lens. I was hooked. After my Military duty I entered the New England School of Photography and spent 2 years studying advertising, commercial and industrial photography. I spent a few years as an assistant for some of the better-known photographers in Boston.
Having always enjoyed photographing different parts of objects. My vision has been seeking out many sorts of items. Over the years I have photographed with film for many years as the Digital age came I have followed this new direction and today I am presenting you with these images. These photographs are a small example of my recent direction. I hope you will enjoy my perspective. I see photography as a inter-play of shapes, light, contrast, textures, and composition. My hope is to bring you some of the joy looking at things all around you

I can be reached at Phone 508-877-0542 OR BY EMAIL [email protected]